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Website dark mode?

Started by arlo, August 30, 2022, 12:32:14 AM

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Would you like a "dark mode" for the website that matches the mode of your computer?


Should I add a dark mode option to the website? If I did, it would automatically follow the dark mode of your computer, if your web browser supports that.

Papa John

Dark Mode does not help. I tried by setting it manually.  We need an actual option to set the background color for the document viewer and the text boxes for lyrics, notes, and chords.  It would also have to be intelligent enough that when a dark color is chosen that the default color for text becomes white, not black.


Quote from: Papa John on December 20, 2022, 07:46:30 AM
Dark Mode does not help. I tried by setting it manually.

There is no dark mode currently, but what you're describing is what a dark mode would offer if I added it.


This perhaps raises issues like I reported long ago.
For example, yellow chords are my favourite because they stand out in-line with the lyrics and work great for me on a black/dark tablet screen but they are near-useless when printed on white paper.  In that case, I believe some colours should be swapped, perhaps brown for yellow (discuss) because brown is rarely used for a black background target device.  Maybe someone has a 'standard' swap list for this?  As it stands, when I print for someone, I change my chords colour to Red for printing and back again for normal use (pest).  Other colours are used less and/or are not a problem.  Normal white text changes to black on its own, of course.  Maybe a set of preferences for swap colours?  Maybe yellow on white and brown on black are the only real problems.

Chords are not - and don't need to be - coloured on the website.


I made the yellow darker overall a while ago, but I see that I forgot to update it in the place that controls chord coloring on the website. I just updated that -- hopefully that will help with printing yellow chords.