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Set List durations

Started by corecrash, September 26, 2022, 09:18:34 AM

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My drummer created a Set List for our last show. The way it shows is Set 1 (24 Songs, 94 Minutes), but the other's show Set 2 (25 Songs) with no duration.

I can't tell if he entered this manually as I don't see a way to edit the name, but it seems when I remove songs, it doesn't change.

is there a way to do this so that it's calculated on every set? Oddly, when I look at the overall Set List, it doesn't sho. duration either.


This will happen if one of the songs in the set doesn't have a duration defined and the set list doesn't have a default song duration defined. The easiest solution is to go to Repertoire > Set Lists > Edit Details and enter a default song duration (and also go to Settings > General Settings > Defaults and enter a song duration to be used for new set lists you create in the future). The most accurate solution is to go through the songs and enter a duration for each.