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Multiple Singers - Best way to filter?

Started by Nightingales, October 10, 2022, 08:27:59 PM

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I just purchased BH and have started the initial set-up. Before I get to deep I have a question:

I have an Acoustic Duo. I play guitar and have two seperate singers. Only one singer will be present at gigs (duo...) They can both sing the majority of the songs, but there are a few that only one or the other can sing. So I would like to be able to filter the songs to show this, so I can build seperate set lists. (What songs can Maddie sing VS. what songs can Sarah sing).

What would be the best method to do this? Tags?

Thanks for any help! I just want to be sure before I have to go change or edit 75 songs... :)


Tags would be good for this because some songs might have the tag for one singer, some songs for the other, and some songs for both. That would also be easily scalable if you add a third singer.

Another option would be a custom field named "singer" where you type the names of one or both singers. The only reason I can think of to use that instead of tags is if you're using tags for several other things and the singer names are getting visually lost among the other tags.



I just tried both methods and Tags appears to be the way to go. I like how it adds the tags I create to every song automatically and I can just check the box for the singer.

Thanks again for the help!