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Rendering changes with personal transpose

Started by pheldal, September 13, 2022, 05:49:08 PM

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The rendering of chords in the chords-field is changing with transpose (manual or personal-transpose). When transposing manually with buttons in the layout one can observe as are extra spaces appear.  I have to re-open the song to get back to the intended formatting. To transpose up a half step then back does not restore normal rendering. It may have to do with #'s and b's being added and removed, but it seems to be more spaces added than that.

I sometimes enter a simplified form of notation for musicians adding some extra characters in the cord-field, and it gets a little messed up with too much space. It may not be exactly how the field is intended used, but it has worked well except for the formatting-changes with transpose

2/4 |: D | D | D G | A D :|

On this line there are extra spaces appearing within each bar, and between the '|' and the ':'. It is even inconsistent between songs. I see songs where transpose doesn't add extra spaces in my notation and songs where it does. All the elements I use for my "notation" are rendered as text according to the coloring of the characters and thus not affected by transpose, or?


On what platform are you seeing the problem? Can you post a screen shot showing the problem?


My platform is primarily Android, but it is the same on my Mac too.

Screenshots of the song "Fairytale of New York" are attached:

  • The first showing the initial display
  • Second is transposed 1/2 step up
  • Third is transposed back to the original key. Note the extra spaces compared to the first image

Speces even get added between the  :  and |  in repeat


Okay, I found your account and copied that content into my account and can reproduce the problem. I'll work on that for the next update.


BandHelper recently started adding spacing automatically when the Chords field contains a chord chart like this, where | is a bar line and - is a repeated beat:

E - - - | E - - - | E - - - | E - - -
A - - - | A - - - | E - - - | E - - -
B7 - - - | A - - - | E - - - | B7 - - -

It will automatically add an extra space after the first and last chord in the first two lines to match the longer length of the B7 chords in the third line. This keeps the bar lines lined up, making the charts easier to read.

In your case, you're using | for bar lines, but you aren't using dashes to show how many beats are in each bar, so this function is getting confused. The function doesn't run if the field doesn't contain both pipes and dashes, but it is running in your case because you have dashes in some of your headings, like "sakte - piano." In the next app version, the function won't run unless a pipe and a dash are used on the same line, and that will take care of this example.

Another way to stop the auto-spacing from running is to add any formatting in the Chords field. For example, if you apply bold to the headings, it won't run.


In yesterday's release, the auto-spacing won't happen unless the chords contain a dash and a pipe on the same line: