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Follow actions from other devices : start audio ?

Started by zgildasz, June 23, 2022, 12:57:54 AM

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Hello there,

I wish to start the audio file on a second device, with the lead device linked, but don't know if this is possible and how to do it.

That's linked when I'm selecting a song on the first device, the second follow the selection, but nothing happened when I click on actions like audio icon on lead device or when I press "9" (start automation and audio) on the keyboard/remote control of the lead device. Can someone could help me ? Thanks for advices


The "Follow..." settings on the Settings > Live Sharing page show you what actions the following device can respond to. Typically you would set a layout action like Song Second Selection or Two-Fingered Tap on the following device to start your recording, then perform that action on the lead device and the following device will respond to it.


Thanks Arlo. It works. But I've finally found the way to start audio, automation etc by midi and remote, with a tiny latency between the two tablets.


The new app versions released today include Settings > Live Sharing > Follow Remote Control Messages. When this is on on the following devices, they will receive a copy of any keyboard (foot switch) or MIDI remote control messages sent to the lead device. You can then configure the following device to trigger the same or different actions for those messages on the Settings > Remote Control page of the following device.