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Importing Recordings with Synced MIDI Files

Started by MikeyJ, October 30, 2022, 06:02:02 PM

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Hey All,

I'm finally taking the plunge and moving from SLM into BH and have questions. I've already imported my database from SLM as well as my recordings (but not SMFs). The recordings show their format as mp3+mid but when I go into the edit page, it shows the mp3 but there is only a heading that says "Standard MIDI File" but no way to add or attach one.

1. Is there a way to batch import the MIDI at the same time as the mp3s and have them be attached automatically?
2. If so, when it's complete should I see the mp3 file name as well as the SMF file name in the edit page for the recording?
3. Am I even doing this correctly? Based on the BH help page, it seems as if I should see a mechanism to attach a SMF to a preexisting recording but my imported recordings all seem to think they already have one attached even though they don't show the SMF portion in the edit page.


UPDATE: Hey, I also just installed the BH iOS app and noticed that in each recording, under the Standard MIDI File section there is a blank with a minus sign next to it. If I click it, it wants to delete something it "thinks" is there. Also, the recordings I imported show an appended dash and six random characters on to the end of the file name. Is this normal?


Yes, you can zip and upload your SMF (.mid) files using the batch import function on the Repertoire > Recordings page, just as you did with the MP3s. You can also import audio and MIDI files in the same zip file -- there's no need to break those into separate steps. As far as the import process is concerned, SMF is just another recording format like MP3 or AAC.


Thx! Does the database know which SMF goes with which mp3 even if they are not identically named?


Ok. I ran a test. I deleted all my recordings and put all my mp3s and matching SMFs in the same zip and imported it. When it was done it told me there were a few without matching names which is ok for the purpose of this test but I've noticed something that I don't think I'm understanding.

1. After import, the mp3s and SMFs are shown as individual items in the recordings section. If I edit a Song, in the Recordings section I see both the associated mp3 and SMF listed individually.

2. There was a recording that didn't import so I added it manually. Then, as we would in BH app, I attached the associated SMF in the edit section of the Recording. Back in the Recordings list there is now only one entry that is labeled as mp3+mid. If I go to the Songs and edit the associated song, when I choose to add a recording it pops a dialog that lists all the recordings but somehow shows the mp3 and the SMF separately even though the SMF is not shown by itself in the main Recordings list. I'm guessing there is a reason for this behavior but it's a bit confusing for me.

So, is it better for an SMF be attached to a recording or should it be added as it's own item in the Recordings section? And if the former, why doesn't it show up in the Recordings list as a separate item since it does when trying to add it to a song?

Sorry for the crazy questions and thanks!


If you want to play data from an SMF files in sync with a recording, the SMF file should be attached to the recording and will not appear as a separate item in the Recordings list.

If you want to play music from an SMF file, the SMF file should be attached to a song and will appear in the Recordings list.

When you imported the zip file, did you check the Add New Songs option? You should not in this scenario.


I see.

I did not select that option during import and all SMFs are separately listed in Recordings. In the database I exported from SLM and imported into BH they are all attached to mp3s to be played back in sync. Also, after import Songs have both the mp3 and the SMF listed under Song Edit > Recordings. Sounds like this is not right based on what you're saying here.

Should I delete all recordings and try another import?


Okay, it looks like the Set List Maker import function doesn't support SMF files attached to recordings. I'm working on that now. When it's ready, you will need to delete your project from BandHelper, add a new project and import again.

If you've already done a lot of work in your imported project, you can attach your SMF files to your recordings manually if that's easier.


Importing a database from Set List Maker that includes SMF files attached to recordings should work correctly now. After importing, you can batch-upload audio files and MIDI files as described above.


Thanks Arlo! That seems to have worked this time. I have a couple of questions about what I'm seeing here now.

1. I was left with one song that didn't have an combined mp3/SMF so they were separate items in the Recordings list. Song edit page showed them both under the Recordings section. I wanted to swap the currently connected SMF for another but when I chose to remove it, it makes me delete it from the Recordings list. If I'm correct, this is different behavior from the app where I can have as many recordings as I want even if they are not currently assigned to a song. Is this by design?

2. Is it also by design that when clicking to add a SMF in either a Song or Recording edit page, the dialog shows me all the SMFs that are attached to my synced recordings even though they do not exist in the Recordings list?


1) Like other attached files, if you unattach a MIDI file and it is not attached to anything else in your account, it will be deleted from your account. Looking at it the other way, attached files will be deleted from your account when you unattach them, unless they are also attached to something else.

2) Yes, this allows you to attach the same MIDI file to multiple songs or recordings if you want.