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Has BH been tested with iOS 16?

Started by Neill00, September 12, 2022, 09:34:14 PM

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Just wondering before I update my iPad.


Yes, and I haven't seen any problems. However, iOS 16 for the iPad (technically iPad OS) hasn't been released yet.


Good to hear... I didn't realize it wasn't being released the same day as ios16.


I am experiencing some issues with the iOS 16. Predictably enough, when using stage manager.  When you are scaling between the sizes offered on Stage Manager, resizing and rescaling makes the fields and buttons go all wonky and disappear and when you go back to full screen or a different size or even turn off stage manager, nothing returns to the original layout.  I just deleted the app and re-installed it and have to put my layouts back together.

It's not REALLY bad issues, it's not crashing or anything like that (so far, have yet to play a gig) and I'm assuming issues are being addressed.  We were really looking forward to being able to use Stage Manager to optimize workflow for our live sets when switching between BH and messing with our monitor mix, but that isn't really possible right now.  I'm gonna continue to toggle settings and see if there is anything that will lock the controls and layout and whatnot when scaling up or down, but for now I'm just gonna recommend not using Stage Manager until there are more bugs ironed out.  I'm assuming it will be between Arlo's efforts to continually sort out bugs as well as Apple providing new patches and updates to iPadOS before all the issues are resolved.

Thanks to Arlo for keeping on top of the issues as best as he can.  This one seems like it's going to be a consistent headache for awhile yet.


I haven't looked at Stage Manager at all. Adding new functions and capabilities is different than keeping existing functions working correctly. But I'll put that on my to do list.

I'm a little surprised the app will even let you put it into Stage Manager mode. When Apple added split-screen multi-tasking, it only worked for apps that explicitly added support for that.


I spent a long day today making updates to support Stage Manager, which will be available in the next release. Here's more info on that:,2924.0.html

Please add any comments about window resizing to that thread instead of this one.