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Page turn issues w/ longer documents

Started by IGotTwoHands, November 07, 2022, 05:12:57 PM

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I'm using a modification of the "Big Lyrics" layout in order to display documents full screen but I added a row of buttons on the bottom with MIDI Presets, Metronome and Note Fields. Basically it works fine except for page turns. The new page displays slightly lower on the screen with about 1/2" of the first page still visible. Subsequent page turns worsen the problem, so by page 4 the document is a couple of inches offset from the top. I've verified that all my documents are PDF format with a regulated 8X10 size and "letter" is selected in database settings.

In some older layouts where you can double-click to open the document in full size, the page turn feature works correctly when clicked out to full size; however, the document will cover the bottom button row whereas in my custom layout, the buttons are sort of transparent over the bottom 1/4" of the document and the document is displayed at full size by default.

I believe this problem happened as a result of needing to disable the "click to zoom to full size" feature but not sure. Anyone else experience this?


First, the standard document size in the US is 8.5x11, not 8x10. Hopefully that's what you meant. Your PDF documents won't page correctly if they are 8x10.

Second, you can click the document tools button and select Fit to Height to show exactly one page at a time. Then the up/down hotspots and the Previous/Next Screen remote control actions will change one full page at a time. The Previous/Next Page remote control actions should do that even when not using Fit to Height.


Yes, right on about PDF document size. And except for a few nonstandard-sized scans that totally fixed the problem. Thanks Arlo!