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Midi File Location Question

Started by Mully, November 22, 2022, 05:13:16 AM

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I am integrating BH to send a midi file for each backing track to activate lighting wirelessly.  Iy is working very well.  However, I am having a challenge in removing incorrect midi files from BH.  For example, I create a midi file in Logic (to trigger lighting) I then upload it to the cloud.  I download the midi file into BH, and load it into the same file as the backing track and it works perfectly.   The issue is that sometimes, I realize I made a mistake on the midi file.  So I try to delete the incorrect files so I don't add them again.


Instead of manually uploading your MIDI file from your computer to cloud storage, then downloading it to your iPad, then attaching it to a recording on your iPad, you could just attach it to the recording in the BandHelper website on your computer. That's easier and also reduces the number of copies of the file you have out there -- you would just have the file you export from Logic, and the BandHelper manages internally, which it will remove when you update the recording with a new file.