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Curious MIDI Behavior?

Started by Zionplayer, November 25, 2022, 07:45:26 AM

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Wondering if anyone has seen this -
Have several MIDI presets for my light scene changes
In my song, I have added Preset1, Preset2, Preset1, Preset2, Preset3, Preset2 (think Verse, Chorus, etc...)
Have a footswitch programmed to send NEXT MIDI - this works fine on my iPad screen

Curious part-
If I have no MIDI Preset 'paired', this setup works as I expected, going from 1 to 2 to 1,etc
If I 'pair' each with a preset (like a MIDI OFF command preset), then NEXT MIDI seems to follow the 'paired' preset, whether or not it is NEXT in my list of presets for the song. Goes from 1 to 2 then turns off 1 then turns off 2

Expected?  Guess I thought it would follow NEXT in my list, ie - skip over the paired if not in my list.

I have it working for my needs, was just curious as it stumped me for a while


The behavior of paired presets within a list of presets you're stepping through with the Next/Previous MIDI Preset action isn't defined. I could work out what the behavior should be if this is something you need to do. Currently, the expectation is that you would only use paired presets with the Send MIDI 1-10 actions or the Multiple MIDI Buttons layout item.


Thanks Arlo - no need to spend any time on it.  I have it working as I need by removing the 'paired' preset. 
Was originally using the Multiple MIDI button and I paired so I could on/off my lights using the one button. Now my light program is doing that part for me anyway.

As always, cheers and thanks for a great tool!