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Midi CC changes for 2 similar devices

Started by aeonaero, November 23, 2022, 05:35:32 AM

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I'll break down my configuration and my goal what whats happening IRL.

Config - I have two band members. I had a TC Helicon Playlive GTX that I send program changes and CC changes to using BH. I just picked up a second GTX for my partner. I'm on midi channel 1 and he's on channel 2 using USB midi (no 5 pin DIN).

My goal is to be able to send patch changes and CC changes (harmony on/off) to both units independent of each other. That way when we select a song, the correct patch is applied for each of us, and during a song, the automation controls harmony on/off so the singer doesn't have to worry about doing the pedalboard dance and constantly tuning on and off his harmonies.

What I'm seeing in real life though is a different story. The program changes are working as desired and patches are being applied as they should. No issues there at all. I can't get the CC changes to work right though. Any CC change goes to both GTX's. I have found through experimentation that CC changes are independent to Midi channels. I do see that the GTX lets me select independent midi and CC channels, where BH only allows me to specify the midi channel.

I guess my question boils down to this is there is a way to select separate CC channels (one for each GTX) in BH? Barring that, is there any way to be able send independent CCH changes to the units to control harmony toggling through the automation?


Control changes are channelized just like program changes are. The second bit in a control change string is the channel number. BandHelper builds this for you based on the channel you set on the MIDI Device page if you use the Control Change fields on the MIDI Preset page. (If you're using the Raw MIDI field instead, it would be up to you to build the hex code correctly.) You can see what data you're sending by clicking the MIDI icon in the top toolbar and looking at the Activity Log.

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Thanks Arlo. As usual, you are awesome. I'll give that a shot and put in a ticket if I'm still stuck.


I'm currently doing this kind of thing, running two TC helicon devices.  I believe the answer for me was to create two separate midi devices in bandhelper and then only list one user per device.  To lessen the confusion I would create the midi CC presets as Harmony ON 1, Harmony OFF 1, Harmony ON 2 and Harmony OFF 2. One device will only react to the first two and the other will only react to the second two.  I have the devices set up on separate midi channels as well but I'm not sure that is necessary in this situation.


Neill00 is right, and his solution makes more sense when two different band members are using separate devices, a detail I overlooked when reading the original message. If each band member assigns their MIDI Devices only to themselves, they don't have to worry about allocating the 16 MIDI channels between them. Then app will only send MIDI presets to the devices assigned to the app's user.