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Feature request: Add youtube videos to songs and have a playback button on app

Started by MasonJames, July 27, 2023, 03:57:38 PM

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Wondering if there is a chance to add both an option when editing a song, and clicking add recordings, that it simply brings up a browser search to then add a youtube video to the song file. And then another feature to have functions for the playback on the app when in the song.

I know its a big ask but this would help so much when adding band members and for me to create a song and have an audio attached to it with the version of the song that I like.


YouTube (and practically every other streaming service) doesn't allow other apps to play their content. You can, however, click the Search for Video button on the song edit page, then copy and paste a video URL into the Notes field or a custom field. Then when you view that field within a layout, the link will be clickable and will open the video in the source website.


What about not a youtube, but an original mp3 file to be embed in the song chart?


If you have the recording files, you can attach them to songs and play them from within the app. Instructions are here: