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Full Screen Lyrics in Song View

Started by Mandy, November 18, 2022, 08:21:50 PM

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So I've been trying to follow the conversations surrounding the changes when it comes to viewing full-screen documents.
I've searched and can't really find the answer to my question.

I've come across a pretty major issue when I'm playing my pub shows. For pub shows, I play a lot of requests, and I've found that the best way is to view my lyrics in Song view (not within the confines of a setlist) because I have close to 1400 songs in my repertoire. I view my master song list and then pull up the documents as I need them. Previously, if I wanted to make a document full screen, I could just easily tap the document icon and I could view my song full size, just as I needed it. The rest of the time, I could split the screen and view a smaller document.
So, I guess there's no way to do this anymore, is there? Because it's a pretty big problem for me.


Using the song edit pages while performing is not recommended. It's better to use a smart list in your situation. That gives you access to the full song list (with the option to filter or sort the list) plus all the performance-related functionality like layouts, auto-scrolling and the full-screen option:


I also am missing the full-screen button when looking at lyrics in the repertoire.  We have a slightly different use, it's for practice!

When we practice, we just use the song list, so we can look at the lyrics (full-screen!) then we quickly jump back and can tweak things if we need to (lyrics, chords, keys, etc.), re-sync all, then try again in full-screen mode.

It use to be SUPER easy, because you had a full-screen document button right in the left-list, the songs.  Then you got rid of that and moved it to the right, but at least it was still usable, just took extra time.  Now without the full-screen option, it would be a huge pain having to jump into a set list, then back to the songs, make our edit, back to the set list, etc.

I like your suggestion above about using a smart list during a live show (we usually jump to the song list for that too), but during practice this change makes things difficult.

Could you please just add it back in?  Thanks!  Or at least have an option to allow it to be visible?


You can use your smart list while practicing, and when you want to edit the song you're viewing, click the Edit Song button in the top toolbar. If that button is not already in the top toolbar, you can go to the Edit Details page of your layout and turn on that setting.


That's perfect, and in fact seems much easier than using the actual song list, since the edit screen is practically full-screen.  Thank you!