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Change tempo on song selection

Started by Beaker, January 10, 2023, 02:34:47 PM

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I may be going mad here as I think this used to be the behaviour but recently seemed to change.

When performing we move from song to song quickly. I have different tempos input for each song. What I'd like to happen is when I select the next song on the setlist the tempo adjusts to the new tempo

What's currently happening is on song selection the tempo stops when I press the next song and then starts when I press the song a second time.

I've tried both start/stop and start tempo on song selection in the layout editor - both appear to operate the same way - unless I'm missing something and doing something daft?

Any help / ideas appreciated 🙃🙃


This is a bug in the current version, but I think it only occurs when Settings > Audio & MIDI > Continue Audio When Changing Songs is turned on. That will be fixed in the next update. For an immediate fix, you can turn that setting off. If you're wanting to play the new tempo on song selection anyway, there is no need to have that on.


Amazing Arlo, I'll give that a try

Appreciate the response 🙏