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Connecting BH MIDI to Boss VE-500

Started by dochereford, January 20, 2023, 06:58:00 PM

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Connecting Bandhelper MIDI to control Boss VE-500 vocal processor. Latest version 4.  Includes: Preset sync, key change, and WIDI bluetooth setup.  It took me awhile but I have it working pretty good.



Thanks for sharing. I didn't know about the Widi Jack.

Can you say more about how the program change numbers in BandHelper correspond to the preset numbers in the VE-500? That's usually the hardest part about setting up MIDI connections.


Thanks for the well written pdf Doc....

I have created almost the same scenario for sending midi presets and CC's to both a Boss GP-10 and a Boss RC-500 looper using the WIDI dongles. I had to purchase a MIDX-20 USB-MIDI adaptor to get the GP-10 to recdive the commands (It's non Class compliant USB MIDI) but it all now works well. I can select a song in BH and the GP-10 changes to appropriate Patch number, the RX-500 selects tempo and drum patch for backing or loads a stored MP3 backing.

The biggest problem with using Bluetooth is latency, particularly if you want to trigger a drum patch to start on the beat, but CME (makers of WIDI) are currently working on a new system called iWA (instant wireless audio) which has potential to replace Bluetooth for high quality "instant" lossless audio applications.... See here




Davelson, I have an RC-5 and a GT-1000. I would like to do the same thing with.  I bought a midi 3 in, 3 out interface.  I'm was going to use the Widi on input and send the outs to my devices on the pedal board.
Getting the VE-500 to work was the first step.  It took a whole day of trial and error. 

Any tips you can share for getting the other Boss units going is appreciated. 


Setting the Midi device numbering to 1-128 helped match the preset number mapping. But that is only for the Program code. The Control code is still one off. e.g. CC 2 call assignment 1 on the Boss device.
That had me scratching my head a little.  I'm still don't know enough to explain why....yet. 


It's annoying when manufacturers use 0-127 numbering for some functions and 1-128 numbering for others. In that case I usually recommend using 0-127 and adding 1 when needed.

Anyway, is it just a matter of MSB 0, LSB 0, program 0 selects preset 1, and 0|0|1 selects preset 2, etc? Are the banks used to select presets beyond 128? (If not, you can leave them blank.) This is the key bit that wasn't covered in your document.


Hi Doc
My MIDI setup as follows.
Ensure each device is allocated as a MIDI Device under Settings - each must have a seperate/different numbered MIDI Channel which corresponds with the receive channel set up manually on each device. Port is set to ALL.

I then set up MIDI Presets to send the commands to the units on Song Selection.... ie to get the Boss RC500 to load the 5th memory position I would enter PC 1 1 5 and to load a Funk rhythm drum set I would enter a CC of  11 34 - both commands in the same MIDI preset. See Screenshot

I also predefined a Tempo MIDI Preset for each tempo. For example a CC of 12 32 will create a Tempo of 72 on the RC500 channel. See screenshot 2. The RC500 tempo values start at 40bpm so a Value of 32 will yield 72.

I also store MP3 tracks on the RC500 which I use as backing tracks and call these by using a MIDI Preset with a PC such as 1 1 30 to load the 30th memory position on the RC500.

On the GP10 the same process is followed. To load a Guitar Patch you enter CC numbers, ie Default Patch 72 - Jazz Clean you would send a CC of 1 1 72

When I'm performing I like to have all the presets sent automatically when I select a song in BandHelper. Set this up in Repertoire/Layouts. Edit Details/Actions/ Send MIDI on Song Selection.

Attach the MIDI Presets to each song and you should be pickin' and grinnin'

Hope this makes sense...!


Thanks.  I'll get this going and let you know.