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Set List Content Details display in Song View

Started by drumm1n, October 18, 2013, 08:21:32 AM

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Is there a way to have the Set List Content Details (those that are selected in settings to show up in the Set List view below the song title) to also display in the song view during performances? I know I can use split screen view with Set List on the left and the song on the right, but this only works for the iPad in landscape orientation, and even then only practical if the lyrics being displayed are short lines (otherwise they wrap too much) and there isn't many details to be displayed (as they won't be).

Why?: during performances, I use the Song only view. At the end of a song, I flip to the next song (love the footer btw), but then invariably the band is interrupted from starting the next song, so by the time we get going again, I need to be reminded which song I'm on.  Of course, there's no indication other than chords and lyrics possibly displaying, so I flip back to see what the 'next song' footer says, then flip forward again. Would like to avoid having to do so.

My Work-around: I've put the Set List Contents Details I want to see into the Chords field of the song so that it always displays at the top of the Song view.  This is problematic for a whole bunch of reasons, and a lot of extra work.

Perhaps an option to be able to display the Set List Content Details (per the options selected in settings) display as a header at the top of the song view.




I'm planning this for version 3.4:

"Add selected info to the 'full screen' documents or lyrics in the Perform window, like the title or key of the current song."


Excellent. Consider this my thumbs-up vote for this feature.