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1 song, multiple documents - best approach

Started by themetallikid, March 01, 2023, 02:48:56 PM

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My guitar player and I are in other projects and need different notes for the same song sometimes.  I have ideas in my head, but what would be your best approach to this?  We could:

1) create multiple songs for the same title, name -jason or -troy, but this seems very cumbersome and time consuming to setup.
2) we can attach multiple documents to the same song file.  This seems most logical, but wondering how multiple documents would show up when in setlist/performance mode.  If utilize the same setlist...can we choose which document we see on our respective tablets?
3) other ideas?


Please see "HOW CAN I SET UP MY ACCOUNT SO EACH BAND MEMBER SEES HIS OR HER OWN DOCUMENT FOR EACH SONG" in the FAQ. It sounds like option 2 would fit your situation best:

If you don't need an entire document full of notes and just need a text field of notes, you can add custom fields assigned to each of you and you'll only see your own custom fields when viewing the songs.