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Setlist song Grayed out (missing at one point)

Started by edrod85, March 05, 2023, 07:28:38 AM

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Hello everyone,

I'm still new to this app.  My bandmates and I are using the app.  Two of are admins (myself and Esmer) and the rest of the band are (3 other members) are not.  As I was going to edit some things yesterday on our setlist, one of our songs is missing.  I could not figure out why.  So I let it be for the rest of the night.  This morning I noticed that Esmer had made some edits.  I "saved the song" through the website and the song appeared again.  Unfortunately  several areas are grayed out and I don't understand why.  Here's a video to provide a better visual

Thanks in advance,



You can submit a help ticket and include the name of the set list you were working with and the song that was missing if you want to troubleshoot that.

Your video shows a smart copy of "Don't Stop Believin'". Fields in smart copies that are inheriting from their parent copy will be faded; fields that you've edited to be different from the original copy won't be faded. The history shows that user Esmerelda created the smart copy, so you can talk to them if you don't know why they did that. If it turns out you don't need a smart copy, you can simply delete it and any uses of it in a set list will be replaced with the original copy.


Hey arlo

We played a gig last Saturday and two of the songs for one user were "Missing" as well. I'm not sure why that is. She is assigned to that project the song is in. The song is also chosen for that project, but I don't know why she can't see it at all. The rest of the setlist (besides the 2 songs) were shown correctly.

Also sometimes, although everything is synchronised completely, a song seems to be missing entirely in her setlist, but everything else is shown.

Is there something, that comes to your mind, that would cause that situation? As on my app and website version everything is shown correctly, I'm not sure if raising a ticket for that would help resolving this?

Is there a possibility as an admin to log in as those users to see their view of the data? Or is that maybe something, that might be of interest in general?

Many thanks!

Best regards,


Please submit a help ticket including the names of the missing songs, and send the troubleshooting info from the affected device, so I can investigate.