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Automatic Sync permanent disable

Started by Tastenspezi, March 08, 2023, 09:22:35 AM

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Hello, I'll try my hand at English. We've been using the app for a short time and really love it. In live operation we have a WLAN network without internet and therefore no connection to the server. Here comes the message again and again that the synchronization to the server is not possible. We have already found a remedy by disabling automatic synchronization. However, this is activated again every time you start the app. Is it possible to completely disable automatic synchronization in the app? Maybe in the upcoming versions?

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You shouldn't see an error (or not more than one) if you are connected to a wi-fi network without Internet. Do you have the latest app version?

If you turn off auto-sync, it will stay off while the app is running (including moving to the background briefly) but will turn back on if the app fully shuts down and restarts. I don't plan to change that because if people forget that it is turned off, it will lead to their data getting out of date without their knowing it.


we have the latest app version. When we activated the automatic synchronization, the message came to everyone several times in the evening. So we disabled it and discovered that you have to disable it every time you close it completely...

Too bad, but thank you. :-)


The app will only try to auto-sync when you edit something or when you leave and return to the app. Is everyone doing that while performing?