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Audio out USB to Bose T4S

Started by aeonaero, March 13, 2023, 07:52:21 AM

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Has anyone tried running recordings (backing tracks in my case) out USB to a Bose T4s (or other interface). I see others have used other interfaces, but I have tried both my Bose T4S mixer and a Behringer Flow 8 from my Macbook Air M1. I can see both of those mixers in the output options of Audacity when I look in there, but Bandhelp wont show them as output devices in it's audio setup.

I didn't want to bother Arlo with a ticket on this since its probably something stupid Im missing, so I was hoping someone else out there had any experience doing this.  :)


Are you trying to use the multi-route audio settings, or just using this interface as your only audio output?