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Midi-Clock sends half tempo and changes the preset

Started by PiggyBeat, March 14, 2023, 04:43:46 AM

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Hi there,
sorry in advance for not finding a similar topic that might exists already.

My new Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 Wifi (Android 13) is connected to my Roland SPD-SX by a MAudio USB Uno Interface. And although the Bandhelper-Settings about Program-Changes and Clock-Sending in Layout- and general Midi-Settings are quit the same to the Bandhelper-Settings on my Android-Phone (Galaxy S20, Android 13), the sended Midi-Data for Start/Stop Metronome instead leads to a Sync of the half tempo on the SPD-SX as configuered in the song on the one hand and to a program change to the first in the bank of the SPD-SX on the other. All Midi-Presets are standalone configured (no relation to other presets).

What can be the issue? It might sound stupid, but is it possible that it's based in the different CPU-Performances?

Thank you very much in advance for your help. Don't feel hesitate for further questions if infos are missed.


Do you mean the tempo plays at 1/2 the bpm that it should, and there is a program change that shouldn't happen at all?

I don't think it's a CPU issue. Do both devices have the same Android version (Android 13-dot-something)?

Can you click the MIDI button in the top toolbar to view the MIDI activity log, and compare the data sent from both devices to see if it is the same?


Hello again!

At first: thanks for the quick response!

That's exactly what I mean. Even the 1/2 bpm value is shown in the SPD-SX display. So it's definitly not a matter of confusing Pulse-Settings of the device or something like that. The device is really receiving the halfed tempo from the tablet and changes the program to no. 001.

The build numbers are slightly different:
Phone: TP1A.220624.014.G781BXXU4HWB1
Tablet: TP1A.220624.014.X200XXS1CWA3

The following Midi-Messages did I catch from the Midi activity log of both devices after tapping the tempo button (and stopping after a few seconds):

22:26:30.072 - sending data [FA] to all ports
22:27:21.675 - sending data [F8, F8, F8, F8, F8, F8, F8, F8, F8, F8, F8, F8, F8, F8, F8, F8, F8, F8, F8, F8, F8, F8, F8, F8] to all ports (173)
22:27:21.952 - sending data [FC] to all ports

22:43:27.884 - sending data [FA] to all ports
22:43:32.398 - sending data [F8, F8, F8, F8, F8, F8, F8, F8, F8, F8, F8, F8, F8, F8, F8, F8, F8, F8, F8, F8, F8, F8, F8, F8] to all ports (16)
22:43:32.435 - sending data [FC] to all ports

Additional notice:
When I send the Midi-Data for program change several times (by tapping the Send-Midi-Button or by song selection), the program switches between no. 001 and the desired program of the preset. When I select another song with another preset, it's depending on the currently active program, if 001 or the desired will be loaded.


Focusing on the program change first, are you saying that when you only send the data shown here, the program changes on the SPD-SX? There is nothing in the data shown here that should trigger that, but I guess it's possible that the SPD-SX has a function that changes the program when receiving a MIDI Start message (FA). I would ask Roland about that if that's what's happening. There are no program change messages shown in the MIDI logs you provided here.


Yes, it does. And when I connect the SPD-SX to my phone (with identical MIDI-Settings in BandHelper as I told) and send the same commands from there, it does not (just the tempo is synced correctly - not more or less than the data should trigger). Surely I can get in touch with Roland with this question, but because of the different reactions, which are addicted to the connected BH-Client, a problem of the SPD-SX gets improbable at this point in my eyes.


What happens if you set the SPD-SX to the program you want, then go to a song edit page and click the tempo button there? Then the app definitely won't send any other MIDI.

Also, what Android version is shown on the Help > About page of the app on both devices?


Unfortunately the same. The phone just sets the tempo on the SPD-SX to the correct value and the tablet sets it to the half value and triggers the known additional program change.

Both devices show the equal Android- (13) and App-Version (2023-03-01 (226)) on the About-Page.


You could submit a help ticket and send the troubleshooting info from both devices and maybe I'll see a difference you're not seeing. Before sending the troubleshooting info, you can clear the MIDI activity log from the MIDI status window, then do the action that triggers the problem, so I can see from the MIDI log the actual MIDI that was sent.


So I did (ID 31035). The last two messages are the valid ones. Thank you very much in advance.