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Audio Integration to AUM

Started by petitune, March 11, 2023, 06:49:09 PM

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Hi all - No stranger to this software but a new challenge: I'd like to be able to play backup track recordings (audio files) through AUM so I can mix them with my live keyboards. But all attempts to get AUM to "see" Set List Maker as an IAA audio source fail: it simply doesn't load, and no amount of reloads/start the SLM app separately/whatever seem to work. I've tried to set up the IAA configuration as "Recording 1" and "Recording 2", to no avail. Hmm. I'd be grateful for a steer on this. Using an iPad 9th generation. Thanks!


What do you mean by "set up the IAA configuration"? There's nothing to set up in Set List Maker to use Inter-App Audio.

Is Help > Utilities > Use Old Audio Engine turned on? That would have to be off to use this.

I think you also need to play some audio in order for other software to see the audio source.


Hi Elmo -

I appreciate the prompt reply. What I meant was that AUM must be configured when a new source is defined. It presents a list of available plugins (in this case IAA). SLM appears in that list with a number of possibilities including Recording1 and Pitch. I selected each option in turn, but in all cases AUM can't instantiate SLM. The available "reload" option doesn't work either, nor does instantiating SLM manually and then reloading, which AUM suggests as a last resort. All my other IAA plugins (virtual instruments, FX etc.) load successfully. That's the issue; I hope I've explained it better.

Old audio engine is indeed off.


Did you try connecting to Set List Maker while it is playing audio? I think it only needs to have recently played audio, but can't remember exactly from last time I tested this.


I'll give that a try for sure :-)


Well, I'll be. That worked! Thanks for the help; I'm going to integrate all this as fully as I can now...


Cool. I guess since iOS suspends background apps unless they're playing audio, you have to be playing something to keep it running in the background while you do your setup.


I use this very intensively. What i noticed is, as soon as you leave your BH setlist to browse through your preferred setlists or projects, your connection is gone with AUM. So I first select the right setlist and then restart AUM again to pick up the proper audio and midi signals from BH. Usually works. Not always though. Waiting eagerly on the AUv3 engine.  ;)