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LED strip light control from Bandhelper?

Started by megahertz, March 16, 2023, 04:50:17 PM

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Sorry if this is misplaced. Wasn't sure where else to ask.

I have a sudden interest in controlling LED strip lights from Bandhelper. This started shortly after the drummer in my band fitted his bass drum with a strip and it looks awesome!

He used a Govee product... really inexpensive, versatile and easy to work with. It comes with an app that controls the lights wirelessly. The lights don't appear as a connected bluetooth device when they are being controlled so I'm not sure how the app talks to the strip. So we have BH running on an iPad, Govee control app running on the same iPad. I'm not thinking of a way to get them to interface.

Sure if the lights had MIDI control I'd be in business but then they wouldn't cost < $20!

Any ideas?? Thanks in advance.

.   Marc


"Sure if the lights had MIDI control I'd be in business but then they wouldn't cost < $20!"

I think that's the key -- I'd be surprised if a product at that price point were designed to be controlled by anything but its own interface. Home oriented smart lights would be controllable by HomeKit, Alexa, etc., but BandHelper doesn't deal with that world. Stage lighting uses DMX and you can use MIDI to change scenes on the DMX controller, but that's probably more than what you're looking for here. From a quick search, I'm not seeing any lighting products that are controlled by MIDI directly.


Thanks, Arlo, I suspect you're right that no low cost LED strip product will support external control. I'm keeping an eye open, though...