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Follow Song Selection Improvement! Awesome!

Started by Bill Malchow, March 20, 2023, 10:47:38 AM

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Bill Malchow

I wanted to publicly thank Arlo for the latest update, specifically the follow song feature improvement.   

I am a bandleader that likes to call the next song on the fly. My setlists are just really a list of tunes I might call.  I also bring my own router to the gig with no internet connection and am often unable to sync setlists easily.  but now I don't need to. 

I can have the band bring up a Smart List with all the songs sorted alphabetically and live share it.  Then use whatever setlist I want to work off of, tweak it during the show, on breaks without any worry, and still bring up the band's charts.  And a bonus, if the live sharing fails for some reason, now the band mates have an alphabetical list of tunes and can easily look up the chart manually.

Very Nice Arlo! This is huge. Thanks!!!!