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Send midi note from Bandhelper to ADJ MyDMX GO via Ableton Link - how?

Started by Ralleberg, March 23, 2023, 01:39:25 PM

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Hi Forum,

I have established a connection between the two app's (running on the same iPad) through Ableton Link. I successfully enabled to send Midi Clock from Bandhelper to the other app, but how do I automate sending midi notes from bandhelper to the ADJ MyDMX GO app?

The MIDI mappings are as follows:
Color Effects 1-8: Note 40-47
Move Effects 1-8: Note 48-55
Presets 1-8: Note 39-32
Presets 9-16: Note 31-24
Presets 17-24: Note 23-16
Presets 25-32: Note 15-8
Presets 33-40: Note 7-0
Sub master dimmers 1-8: CC 48-55
Sub flash buttons 1-8: Note 64-71
Master dimmer: CC 56
Strobe button: Note 56
Flash buttons 1-5: Note 58-62
TAP button: Note 63

Looking forward hearing from you  8)

// Rasmus


Instructions for sending MIDI are here:

Note that you'll need to encode Note messages yourself and enter the hex code into the Raw MIDI field. I can help with that if needed.

What specifically do you need help with?


Hi Arlo,

I tried to follow your instructions above, but didn't succeed to have the MyDMX Go app change the preset just for an example.

MyDmx Go is connected through Ableton Link, is this equal to Network session in the port connection?

And I have created a "Midi Preset" with both example #1 and #2 - none with succes. I would like to have presets for the app so I have the opportunity to control when to send a change to the app, according to the song etc.

Am I doing something wrong in your opinion?


Ableton Link is different than MIDI, so you might be using both, but I don't think your question involves Ableton Link at all.

I recommend leaving the Port on your MIDI device empty if you don't have a specific need to set it.

I see two problems with your MIDI Note message in the Raw Midi field: 1) You should remove the "/midi/0x" and just include the three numbers required for the MIDI Note message. 2) The numbers should be encoded in hexadecimal, so the 127 should be 7F. For the 38, I'm not sure if that is already in hex or not. If it is, that would correspond to note number 56. If it isn't you should enter hex 26 to get note number 38. You can use this tool to convert:

Also, the receiving app will need to have Virtual MIDI (meaning MIDI between two apps on the same device) enabled. BandHelper does that automatically, but other apps might have a setting you need to turn on, or might not support it at all.


Hi Arlo,

I tried to change the MIDI note message according to your example. But it didn't do anything in the MyDMX Go app.

When I have both app up and running simultaneously, BandHelper receives a lot of tempo data (see attached picture) and it look like it is coming from a virtual MIDI message.

I just want to send back MIDI messages matching the required notes from the first post and controlling the light. Do you have other suggestions to accomplish this?


Those are MIDI note messages in the log. Maybe another app is echoing them back again when it receives them? Is that the remote control log or the MIDI log? Does the MIDI log show you sending note messages?


Sorry, that was the remote control log... I've attached the MIDI log with both BandHelper receiving virtual MIDI notes and me trying to send a preset change the other way. I still didn't succeed changing the preset even though I tried to match the receiving notes and changed the note value to 38 (hex 26).

Am I still doing something wrong?


In your Raw MIDI field, you have the 7F and the 26 backwards. It should be 90 26 7F.

9 = MIDI note
0 = channel 1
26 = note number 38
7F = velocity 127


Hey that worked!

I can control the app setting now by using the MIDI HEX code 90 26 7F.

Thank you Arlo! 8)



Hi again Arlo,

Im receiving a lot of virtual midi notes from the Light Rider app. Every beat of the tempo from the Light Rider app is received in Bandhelper as a note. Is there a way to filter out what midi channels/sources I want to receive data from? I still want to send virtual midi notes to Light Rider app.


You can set a MIDI Input Port and MIDI Input Channel on the Settings > Remote Control page to stop processing any incoming MIDI that you're not using for remote control. In one of your screen shots above, you were already doing that. Or if you're not using incoming MIDI at all and it's causing a problem, you can turn on Help > Utilities > Ignore MIDI Input.

It's often not a problem to receive MIDI that you're not using. But it can drown out useful info in the activity logs, or even cause crashes if it is extremely busy, hence the Ignore MIDI Input option.


Hi Arlo,

Okay, it worked by correcting the input and output ports to something else. And no, I subsequently discovered that it was an unfortunate coincidence in the MIDI note on an external pad that was triggered at the same time.
If the app doesn't become unstable by receiving 4 MIDI notes per second, it doesn't matter.

I have two new questions that I hope you can help me with:

I have moved forward with the challenge of my lighting control to the component supplier, and they are asking if we also send a "MIDI note off" after we send a "MIDI note on" when the note is finished? Is this done by setting the velocity parameter to 0?

When I want to send a MIDI clock tempo with Ableton Link, do I need to trigger the tempo a couple of bars before the tempo is sent? I have tried without doing that, and the program doesn't receive a tempo.

BR, Rasmus


Yes, if you need to send a Note Off message after the Note On message, you can add a second line to the Raw MIDI field with the same string as the first line, but change the 7F to 00.

I don't understand your second question. Since that's not about MIDI notes, please start a new thread and describe the problem you're having.