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Empty/Untitled Songs being created

Started by ChrisMikolaj, April 03, 2023, 09:58:55 AM

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Hi arlo

I've noticed from time to time that there are empty songs in my songs list on iPad and iPhone (running up to date versions). However, these are not visible on the webapp at all. I found a topic here in the forum about that from 2014 (,565.msg1006.html#msg1006), where an untitled song was created by the "Start" frame somehow.

I unfortunately cannot really tell you when these songs were added or what happened prior to that. But maybe this is related somehow? It might be when I'm editing a setlist on the mobile app, add songs, move songs around, sort them, etc. - then afterwards there are untitled/empty songs in the Songs database, but  not in the setlist.

I hope this kind of makes sense. Do you happen to know what is going on there or give me a hint? :)

Many thanks for the great app, we've been using it for over 4 years now and it's solving so many issues we've had with physical sheet music prior to that. BandHelper really was a game changer for us!

Best regards,


I'm glad BandHelper is working well for you!

If you submit a help ticket and then send the troubleshooting info from your app, that might give a clue about what's happening with your empty songs:


Awesome, thanks. I've just raised the ticket then. Looking forward to hearing from you! Take care.