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Layout Editor Alignments/Functions

Started by ChrisMikolaj, April 04, 2023, 11:02:40 AM

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Hi arlo

I've got questions about layouts this time, as we're currently trying to get the most out of the layouts for our setlists. But as we all use many different devices with different screensizes, it's kind of difficult to align all the layouts properly. Also the alignment of certain items on the layout (such as song selection buttons, titles, etc.) is preety fiddly to do it by sight.

So the questions would be:

1. Is there a smart way of copying existing layouts, that work well to other device sizes without needing to adjust them too much?
2. Is it possible to highlight certain items on the layout, align them either to any side (left, right, top, bottom) and also match their sizes?
3. As I'm mainly managing the whole BandHelper experience for our band, it would be pretty cool to have a layout editor on the web version as well to simulate different screen sizes and to be able to align the elements to each other as well as resize them exactly to the same values rather than estimated similar.

Looking forward to your expertise!

Many thanks,


1. You can go to Repertoire > Layouts, select a layout created for another screen size, click Edit Details and click Copy For This Size, then update the copy you just made. But it is usually easier to apply your customizations to a standard layout from the desired screen size than to copy and update a layout from a different size, especially when the customizations are minimal.

2. Yes, you can drag to select multiple items, then click the options button for the selected area and to see the sizing and alignment functions.

3. You can't edit layouts on the website, but you can edit layouts from any screen size in the mobile app. They will be scaled down if needed when editing, with a solid border to show the aspect ratio of the layout's size.


Ah, ok, I wasn't fully aware of that. Good to know then!

As I'm still more into computers while "designing", are there any plans to incorporate a layout editor on the web page as well maybe?


I might add editing of the layout actions to the website, but I doubt I would add editing of the visual part of the layout to the website because it would be a lot of work, and it could be hard to get a sense of how items in a layout should be sized when you're previewing it on a computer screen with a mouse versus on a mobile device with your finger.


Ok, got that. Thanks!

Anyway, if I'm allowed to add something to the wishlist, it would be cool to have like a screensize simulator on the webpage to be able to design there as well and not only edit the details - I know though, it's pretty difficult to do so, but I'm thinking about something like on xcode for MacOs, where you can simulate different screens such as iPads, iPhones, etc. etc. as well.

But anyway: I've tried the layout changing for a different screensize than my iPad for example, and it already shrinked the screen indeed. However, the bottom fixed bar is not shown correctly then. As I then don't know where that bottom bar is located exactly, I cannot accurately fix document views or other buttons, etc. around that. Is that something, that could be looked at then? From what I know that bar is not able to removed, right?

Thanks a lot! :)


I added layout editing from the website to my wish list.

If you edit a layout for a different screen size, you'll have to imagine that the bottom toolbar is at the bottom of the outlined area (inside the area) rather than at the bottom of the screen. If you remove all the fields from the bottom toolbar, then it will be hidden when viewing the layout.


You're just great, Arlo. Thanks for that! Much appreciated!