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Widget feature requests

Started by jimm, April 15, 2023, 08:31:51 AM

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I'm thinking of using the schedule widget on our website --- probably the JSON version. I have two feature requests that I believe are not currently possible:

1. It would be nice to have a text field for each gig that I could edit that would be sent with the JSON so I can add descriptive text for each gig like "We're back at <strong>Venue Name</strong> again with opening band Blah Blah!". It looks like the existing Notes field is not sent along with the JSON.

2. I like having old gigs still show up on our site. Might it be possible to add the option to include past gigs?


I've figured out how to do #1, partly --- I've created a public custom field. (The JSON field name for that field is a bit cryptic, but easy enough to find.) But it would be nice to not have the HTML escaped because I often add links to the venues, for example. Of course, I can take care of that with some Javascript.