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New function? - Tap tempo and autofit text size

Started by ChrisMikolaj, April 17, 2023, 11:38:26 AM

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Hi arlo

Before I raise those as a new function request I thought I ask if there's maybe a workaround in place already for the following two.

Currently when I'm adding new songs, I add all lyrics, chords and any notes on the website - so basically the whole song setup is done there. There are only 2 things I need to do with my phone or iPad:

1. Adding the tempo via tap, as I don't know the BPMs, I just tap the tempo while playing/listening to the record.
2. Resize the lyrics size to be as big as possible without any wrapping of a line.

So is there maybe a chance to get those as built-in functions: Tap tempo on the website as well as autosize the text to maximum width without any wrapping?

Thanks a lot,


1. I haven't tried it, but I suspect a web browser wouldn't be able to process a tap tempo accurately enough. Also, there's no tempo playback in the website, so you'd have to use the app anyway to check it.

2. The website doesn't have any layout display functionality, and many computers don't support the pinch-zoom gesture for resizing lyrics, so I think this would have to be done in the app.


1. Okay, sad then for the double handling, but that makes sense I guess.

2. But maybe there could be like a flag for the lyrics to be set on the website to set the font size to "autofit" or "no text wrapping"? Without showing it even. At least that's what I thought. Or have like a preference on the app similar to the font style to have the lyrics always shown as autofit?


An "auto-fit" in the app might make sense, but I think setting that on the website when you can't see its results and you can't see if someone has already set a text size that this would override, and someone could override it from the app, would be too confusing.

I enter most data on the website and then at the next practice I set the font sizes for any new songs as I play through the songs. It only takes a moment to pinch-zoom and save.


I agree, the setting might be confusing on the website then. App-only would definitely be the preferred way.

I do it similarly nowadays. I add all the songs mostly via the website and add the tempo and set the font size during the next rehearsal. As you state: The pinch-zoom is rather quickly done and saved.

However, if there was an auto-fit/non-wrap in the app, it might be more convenient as I set the font size on my device. The other users have the same font size then I think? Also it's the same on phones, etc.

So such an option would ease the font size topic on each device automatically, if that's wanted. I imagine it as a separate button or multi-finger gesture to toggle on the auto-fit, similarly to showing the chords. Then it would be switched between auto-fit and personal setting, if there is any.


I'll add an "auto-fit text size" button, as an alternative to pinch-zooming, to my wish list. But in my experience I often either want the text a little smaller than the maximum possible width so I can see more without scrolling, or a little larger  so it's easier to read at the expense of some line wrapping. So by the time I use the auto-fit function and then manually override that and save it, I wouldn't have gained anything.


Yes, makes sense. I usually do a manual line wrap if a line would be too long, so I would come back to the maximum size in width again.

Would it then maybe be worth considering to have a toggle on a song if auto-fit applies to a certain song or not?

I'm just thinking about the use cases, sorry if it clutters a bit.

But thanks already for adding it to the wish list!  :)