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Upgrading to Pro

Started by swiftdrums, April 24, 2023, 03:02:59 PM

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Hi we want to upgrade from plus to Pro and have just done yearly subscription for plus. How does the upgrade process work?


You can go to the Account > Billing page of the website, select the new account level, and make a one-month payment.

The remaining value of your previous payment will be reapplied at the new rate, so in this case your new expiration date will be roughly 10 months in the future (the 12 months left from your recent payment at the Plus level will become 9 months at the Pro level because Pro accounts cost roughly 33% more, plus the one new month you're paying for at the Pro level). Depending on how long ago you made your last payment and what account level you're changing to, the exact results would be different, but the new expiration date will be displayed on the billing page before you make the new payment so you'll know what to expect.