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Auto scroll by microphone text recognition?

Started by tbaier, April 26, 2023, 06:25:25 AM

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Hi folks,

we're pretty new to Bandhelper, but we already like it and got a subscription! One thing that does not work too well for us yet is auto scrolling: we have an old BT foot pedal we used with OnSong, couldn't connect it yet with Bandhelper. Scrolling down the text with a finger on the iPad while playing guitar is not so nice.

So, my question is: can Bandhelper on iPad somehow recognize what we're singing through the microphone, and then scroll automatically? I'm using Duolingo to learn languages, and that app automatically detects whether I say the right words. Wouldn't need to be mega precise. Would be very helpful in situations where we decide to add an extra solo or something else happens.


It's an interesting idea, but I can imagine a few challenges: ignoring any other sound coming through your microphone (like the rest of the band playing) and tracking where you are when lyrics repeat (like choruses). Also, I think activating the microphone would stop any sound coming from the device (backing tracks or tempos).

The existing solutions are outlined here in written and video format:

Instructions for using your foot switch are here:


Maybe try using Markers as well on Auto-scroll?