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Feature Request: Key changes with Transpose Button

Started by MasonJames, April 27, 2023, 10:17:38 AM

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Something that would be nice to have is when i use the transpose button that the key that is embedded in the document on the bottom would change with the transposition.

It would be great to not have to refer to the chords above especially when some songs don't start on the 1.


I don't think this is desirable because there are times you might transpose the chords without changing the key, such as using a capo on a guitar, a transpose function on a keyboard, or playing a horn that's not in concert pitch. So I think it's best to keep those functions separate. If you do want to change the real key of the song, you will have to transpose the chords and update the key field. If you only want to transpose for a personal reason like those above, you could use the Personal Transpose function and, if needed, add a custom field showing "your" key that only you see.