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Set MIDI Status Running on Open Set List

Started by bpeterson, May 11, 2023, 11:47:30 AM

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This may have been covered elsewhere, but I would like to have the MIDI Status automatically set to "Running" when I open a set list. Every time I open a set list, I have to manually open the MIDI Status window and click on the gray MIDI Stopped button to engage MIDI communications with my Windows laptop. I use the Android (latest) version of BandHelper on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 tablet running Android 12.


The MIDI engine will start when opening a set list if you're using MIDI input for remote control. Otherwise it will start whenever you send any MIDI output. If you need to start the MIDI engine so you can link to your tablet from your laptop, you could send the MIDI for the first song in the set list instead of starting it manually from the MIDI Status window.