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Ipad3 app nearing end of support

Started by GuyM, May 10, 2023, 10:37:58 AM

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I am now getting end of support messages
I want to keep the setlistmaker app running on my old ipad 3 as it works with my Behringer docking station
The ipad is not saying i need to update the app
How do force an update to get rid of the warning messages?

I accept that the app will have to run (out of support) as is from here as i cannot afford a new ipad and dock


You should be able to update to the last supported app version for that iPad (version 2022-09-16); that doesn't show the end of support message.

You will need to do this from the Purchased tab in the App Store app; you cannot install older app versions from the main App Store listing.


Hi in App Store the Purchased Section is in there but only to OPEN not to update (the visible Icon says that I am currently on 2023-05-05 version but in the Help > About Section in the app it says 2022-08-12) - do I need to uninstall / re-install the app to pick up the latest version?

Will it remember all my database/config settings?


Deleting the app will delete all your data, so you would need to export your databases and write down your settings first. However, the App Store might not let you reinstall the app afterwards, so you would risk making the device completely unusable for Set List Maker.

This seems to be an ongoing problem with the App Store where you're supposed to be able to install the last supported app version for an old iOS version, but that's not actually available. I went back and forth with Apple on this for several months, but they never acknowledged the problem or offered a solution. You could try taking your iPad to an Apple Store and see if they can make it work. Otherwise I think you will have to live with the alerts until you upgrade to newer hardware.

If you do go to the Apple Store you can tell them:

your installed app version: 2022-08-12
last supported app version for your iOS version: 2022-09-16
current app version: 2023-05-05

Version 2022-09-16 is marked on my end is being available to install on older devices, and this works as advertised for some people but not others. I don't know if the difference has to do with your device, your App Store account, your location (country) or something else.


Jumping on this post... just bought a cheap iPad mini running iOS 9.3.6 and not able to install from AppStore. I had it running before on a iPad mini.. seems now I have bought an outdated device unnecessarily... bigger... only bought specifically for BandHelper too.

Any workaround?


I don't think there's any way to install an app on a device that no longer supports it.

You can keep using an app version that is already installed, and you're supposed to be able to update an app that's already installed to the latest supported version.