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Is there a way to annotate in a notes field?

Started by jeebustrain, May 11, 2023, 09:05:26 PM

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Forgive me if this is obvious, but I'm trying to determine a good workflow for my situation. I currently split my time as both a keyboardist and a drummer. I maintain a master list of songs and have a PDF with song notes for all of my keyboard gigs. But when I play the drums, I generally only need some basic cues (tempo, reminder how the song starts, etc..). I started using the notes field for that. I have a dedicated layout for drumming so it only shows the notes. It works well, but there are times that I am at rehearsal and I need to make on-the-fly tweaks to my notes. I have an Apple pencil for my iPad and it works great for annotating PDFs with quick notes, but it doesn't work in the notes field. Other than creating a second, blank document for each song and somehow only displaying that in my drum layout, is there some other way to use the annotate function?


You can't annotate (draw) onto a text field. You can click the Edit Song button in the top toolbar, scroll to the bottom and simply edit the text field. You can also use your Apple Pencil to write into the editable text field.

If you wanted to add a second, blank document that you could draw onto, you could then switch between the keyboard documents and the drum documents with Settings > General Settings > Defaults > Document.