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Live sharing feature request

Started by davelson, May 12, 2023, 02:02:08 PM

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Hi Arlo
I play in a duo and use 2 iPads. My iPad is always the lead device and partners device follows my song select Actions via Live Sharing.

This works great for us, but it is another thing to remember when setting up for a gig to connect the 2 iPads. Is there a way that the iPads could auto connect when I start BH on the partners device? As it is I have to manually select the Follow Actions From... under Live Sharing on every gig

Just trying to streamline the setup

Cheers, Dave


I don't think you would want devices to auto-connect or try finding the device they last connected to, every time they start up. I did recently add an auto-approval of connections on the lead device, so the process is simpler now than it was before. But I don't think it should try to be more automatic than it is now.


Yeah well, thanks for the reply, but that is a function that would really save me time when we set up... These 2 iPads are only used for gigs, so I can't see why it would cause issues...

Never mind - will continue the way we do now


I just have a laminated sheet, with steps of what to do in case I forget something. EG

  • reset iPad
    reset Macbook
    press Enable for my iPad on Audio Midi Setup on my Macbook
    connect Irig Blueboard to ipad