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Band helper and mainstage on same ipad pro

Started by cheny, May 13, 2023, 12:45:28 PM

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Can a single ipad can be used by band helper to control main stage running on same ipad and also a hardware synth?


BandHelper will send MIDI by default to other apps on the same device and to other devices. I don't know if MainStage can run in the background and receive MIDI from other apps, but I'd guess that it can.



Oh yeah, that was news to me, too, but I didn't look into it. Looking now I don't think there is a MainStage for iOS. But Logic Pro was recently released for iOS so maybe it is coming.


Huh? MainStage on iOS ??? :o

Definitely not, though it would be good to use a touch screen on Mainstage or Gig Performer (which I prefer)