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MIDI anomalies

Started by joosties, May 18, 2023, 07:47:28 AM

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I use BH for all my MIDI program change messages for my whole keyboard rig. Sinds a few weeks I noticed anomallies in the program changes. My NordStage keyboard which normally receives correct messages is now acting weird. (And not only my Nord, also my Ferrofish B4000 module) For instance at selecting a song in BH the right program change is performed which make my Nord set on a certain piano preset but the piano volume is set to zero. So now I have to be very carefull and alway check if the volume knob is open. This is not always the case but at least a few times per gig. BH used to perform perfect for two months ago. Thing is, BH is running in AUM on iPad and I can't tell for sure it is BH that's causing this issue. I just drop the question here, It might ring a bell, or maybe someone recognises this problem.

Thanx in advace. 


Does AUM do anything with your MIDI, or just your audio?

About 11 weeks ago a new setting was added, Settings > Audio & MIDI > Use Serial Queue. That's off by default and shouldn't change the MIDI functionality if you leave it off. But it's possible there is some side effect from adding that. Are you sending any MIDI that would change the piano volume? This recent change wouldn't add any MIDI messages that aren't already there, but it might subtly change the order in which existing messages are sent.

Next time this happens, you could look at the MIDI activity log to see what messages were sent and see if that has anything to do with the volume setting on your keyboard.


Thanx. I'll look into that.   :)