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App verification when outdoors without 5g

Started by Timl, April 28, 2023, 11:19:57 AM

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Arlo (or perhaps anyone who can answer)-
I have had the Set List Maker app since almost its' inception. I also paid for a few features like midi implementation, etc..
I am using a 10 gen iPad that only has Wifi capabilities.
Several times at outdoor gigs the app asks for verification (which requires an internet connection). How can I turn that off so I can still use the app when playing live in rural areas where a hotspot connection can't be obtained? ALL of my lyrics and setlists are stored in the program.
I can't setup a hotspot on my personal iPhone because I'm grandfathered in and would lose my low rate to change the plan; also I play in VERY rural areas at times where there is practically no connectivity.


There should be no issue using the app offline. I'm not aware of any verification functionality in the iOS app. Can you send a screen shot of that?