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Started by themetallikid, June 02, 2023, 05:56:57 AM

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I got a new tablet and the app is different, much improved from the version I had for sure. 

However after adjusting the layout of my well, layout, I noticed my auto scroll now starts a countdown timer as soon as I pull up the song.  It used to only display an arrow until I touched it to start the countdown timer.

How do I restore that, I checked settings and nothing seemed 'obvious' to me. 

appreciate the help


You can click the Edit Layout button in the top toolbar, select Edit Details and look at the options under the Actions heading. It sounds like you have Start/Stop Auto-Scroll set to Song Selection and you want to clear that setting.


When I tried that, the page icon then was just blank....there was an arrow option there before within the page icon.  I'll check again


Also noticed mid-performance I dont have the ability to manually scroll if the auto scroll is too fast/slow.  Maybe not 'lost' but it definately did not scroll on a couple songs that I keep forgetting to adjust the song file on. 


Changing the layout actions to automatically start or not start the auto-scrolling won't affect whether the auto-scroll icon appears, but other factors will, like whether a song duration is set and the document viewer is showing.

I don't understand your second message. If you need to adjust the auto-scrolling while it's running, you can click the document button to pause and resume it, or drag the lyrics up or down to move their position.


Right....the only thing that changed though was a new table and newer android version.  However, when I created a new layout from scratch....the auto scroll button had the arrow and the scrolling worked fine.  So I think I'm all good, but just for my own trouble shooting knowledge....

1 - original outdated android tablet - layout auto scroll button and manual scroll is fine
2 - same layout but on newer tablet - scale/layout all jacked up, but auto scroll button had arrow.
3 - newer tablet, adapting a layout - auto scroll no arrow or manual scroll ability
4 - newer tablet brand new layout - auto/manual scroll work fine.   

I was using the same setlist for all of this, and I always put the bpm/times on my songs when I create them. 


It's hard to say what the problem was from this description, but for the record, the auto-scroll option won't appear in a layout when the document viewer is hidden. In that case you would need to start auto-scrolling from the Start/Stop Auto-Scroll layout action and a trigger like Song Selection or Two-Fingered Tap.