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Auto-start Beat Clock on Android Phone?

Started by realmacsummrs, June 02, 2023, 07:15:20 AM

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Hi Folks,

Just upgraded my phone, so I have an older Android phone (Galaxy S9) that I've set-up to follow my iPad.

"Following in Live Sync" works fine....but, I'd like to plug this Android phone into our band's monitor mix to send a click-track.  My iPad's beat clock starts automatically as we scroll through a Set List.  But although the songs change on the Android (as expected) , the beat clock won't auto-start.

Any suggestions?


First, you're saying "beat clock," but that's a MIDI function that doesn't make any sound. I think you're talking about the tempo click function.

It sounds like you're using a layout action on the iPad to start the tempo on song selection. If you want to do that on the Android phone instead, you can remove the layout action on the iPad and set it on the Android phone:

I would not do it from both devices because they will probably not be in sync.


Thanks, Arlo

You're right - they don't sync up.  (wouldn't that have been cool, though?  My keyboard arp clock wirelessly connecting to the drummers click track)

I'll run a physical midi cable instead.