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Wish: Ratings Song by Venue

Started by Zionplayer, June 25, 2023, 08:12:34 AM

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I am in 3 cover bands and all use BandHelper. Have been thinking about what might be helpful from BH that is not yet provided, and that is getting harder to come up with. However, had a recent thought and was wondering if others had pondered this as well:

Some way to have a rating system per song by Venue, because many of our venues have such different audience tastes for songs we choose. Current rating system isn't quite working, because even if "Play That Funky Music" has a 5, our typical Biker or Metal Bars don't care to hear it...

Would also be super efficient if there was a button to add to layout so that during a gig, if a song is well received we can immediately hit the rating "4" or"5" or whatever on that song for that venue. We never seen to remember afterwards...

Then we could sort by venue and by rating in building the next setlist for that venue.

Anyway, just a thought.