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Best way to use your old tablet with SLM

Started by zgildasz, March 14, 2023, 02:24:31 PM

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Hi there,

Since I'm using a new tablet with last versions of SLM, I was looking for a good solution to still use my good old Asus tf101. A second screen is a great idea for me to get 2 sweets spots on scene with the possibility to keep an eye on screen at 2 locations.

Because the Asus is a 10 years old tablet, all remote options from SLM are too slow to be used, except if informations on screen are static. So I'm using with very good results the app "livescreen" under Android 11 which send a mirror screen with wifi and received on a browser (habit browser which is stable) on the asus Android 6. Quality on high but not on very high because the latence is too long, this is still readable without effort and a good latence.

Hope it helps, and if that's a problem to post this because the mirror screen and remote option is not included in the basic version of SLM, please Arlo feel free to erase this post.