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Auto - Sync

Started by dotonemanband, July 02, 2023, 09:01:55 AM

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Bandhelper was working fine yesterday. Then today I open program and a message saying "Not synced" or something similar. Should of wrote the message down but went looking for why on tablet and now the message doesn't come up again. Tried rebooting tablet and of course closing Bandhelper on/off. Today when I'm editing from computer the changes are not updating on the Samsung Tablet. This is a first.  Wifi signal is good for both computer and tablet. Not sure how to correct this ... please advise ... TIA


Did your tablet recently update to Android 13?
Mine did a couple of months ago. They implemented midi 2.0 and it broke some compatibilities.  For example, my newer midi interface quit working, but my older one still does. Google said they are aware and plan on fixing it, but nothing yet.

I hear that rolling back to Android 12 fixes the problem, but I haven't gotten around to trying that yet.


I don't think my tablet updated. Nothing showed an update was done. Thanks for that suggestion Hectic. Nothing has changed from yesterday when bh worked okay. Just happened today which is odd.


Update ... I'm using mp3's/lyrics with bh for each song. I see today that I can edit lyrics with songs already on bh so there is some sync happening but I still can't add a new song with mp3/lyrics. Now uncertain why I can't add a new song. Again, this hasn't happened before. Any opinions?


Update #2 ... I found the problem and this is the first time it's happened. I copied and pasted some lyrics and they must be copyright and wouldn't allow the auto-sync to work. When I typed in the words without copy/paste I now can get the song to auto-sync from computer to tablet. Couple days of frustration but back on course now ... just fyi to anyone seeing this post ... Thanks ... O/O for now