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Title shortcut drop down selection

Started by Kiff, July 26, 2023, 04:37:07 AM

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Hi Arlo
Setlist Maker.
Under (Show) "Edit Details" there is "Title Shortcut".
I have two different shows both listed in the same order with same names in the show drop down on both ipads.
The ipad that follows doesn't select (load) every time, and regardless of the songlist content
I need that to happen as they are slightly different. (Some songs appear in both, and the shows are different lengths.)
Could you comment please


"The ipad that follows doesn't select (load) every time"

Doesn't select what -- show selections or song selections?

Are you sharing the database between the devices by exporting it from one and importing it to the other, or did you manually, separately set up the same data on both devices?


The drop down on both ipads is identical.
For example the song "Baker Street" is in both shows, numbered 19 in one show and 1 in the other.
When changing, the shows default to number 1 however sometimes the change of show on the receiving ipad results in
just selection of the song "Baker Street" (19) on the current show and not the newly selected show.

Firstly I exported the database, then had to change all the documents manually as that ipad was for the sax,
with chord charts and format as opposed to lyrics.
To create the two shows I copied the show, renamed and deleted songs not required, then repeated
that on the second ipad.
The result is supposed to be a show for easy listening & jazz, and a show for rock/dancing.


Are you trying to have two different shows on each iPad and switch between them? If you copied the show on both iPads separately after exporting and importing to the second iPad, the shows would have different IDs and the shared action to select a different show won't work. You would need to export the database to the second iPad after copying the show so both iPads have the same data.

If that doesn't answer your question, can you say specifically what you are doing, what is happening, and what you expect to happen instead?


Thanks Arlo,
Not what I wanted to hear, but I will take the time to rewrite and export.