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is there a way to automatically "group" songs?

Started by jeebustrain, May 21, 2022, 10:24:02 AM

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Thanks Arlo...  I'm just thinking of it all as "pretend like I'm tapping the screen to immediately play the next song...", so anything that does that for us Song Second Selection devotees would be great!  :)


I've got a question to that new function: Currently the link between songs is shown on the setlist view only, right? Is there a way to indicate a linked song on the page layout then as well? Hope that question makes sense. Thanks!


I think you mean in the song detail area of the set list view, as opposed to in the song list? No, but I could work that in if you're using the Title +1 field to show the title of the next song.


Yes exactly! On the bottom right in the fixed section I usually show the Next title of the set. So if there would be an indicator to therefore ,,flow" into the next song, it would be great :)




Quote from: arlo on May 08, 2023, 09:04:34 AM
This is included in today's update:

It's been a while since I've visited this topic. I just noticed this update and tried it out. This is great! thanks!


We only have 1 medley, and all I did was create a new song and join the parts together lyric/chordwise. I don't worry about changing patches, but I assume using markers would do the job.
If  you need to add/edit backing tracks, use Audacity or ocenaudio (Easier than Audacity), join together and add recording.
Keep it simple. ;)


Yes, I would lean toward that approach (one BandHelper song that contains all the info for the entire medley) for cases where you are playing a short section of each song and joining them together, creating a new arrangement. If you are playing complete songs basically as they would be on their own, but with no break in between, I would lean toward the linked song function.


In the new app versions released today, you can assign a Song Auto-Selection trigger to an action as well as Song Selection and Song Second Selection. You can also assign multiple triggers to the same action. So with a setup like Ahiru's, you could assign Send MIDI to Song Selection, and assign Start/Stop Automation Track to Song Second Selection and Song Auto-Selection. Then the MIDI will be sent when selecting a song automatically or manually, and the automation track will be started when selecting a song automatically or selecting it twice manually.

A song auto-selection will trigger Song Selection and Song Auto-Selection actions, but a manual selection will only trigger Song Selection actions.


I use Bandhelper to cue Ableton for our songs. Is there a way to use the "link" feature to have the next link song auto play once the 1st is completed. I realize this is possible globally to play the next songs based on song duration but I don't want to do this for all songs, just certain ones. Thanks! Not sure if this is what you are referring to in your July 09, 2023 post, Arlo? Please advise.


Yes, on Settings > App Control you can set Start Recording to Song Auto-Selection, and on your layout's Edit Details page you can turn on Select Next Song On Song Completion and Only Between Linked Songs.