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Optimizing screen share speed and robustness (SOLVED)

Started by Ahiru, July 07, 2021, 07:35:55 AM

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Quote from: arlo on April 25, 2023, 08:15:29 AM
If you start auto-scrolling on the lead device with a Song Selection layout action, or a Two- or Three-Fingered Tap layout action, or a remote control action (foot switch), you can set the following devices to start it from the same action and then the following devices will start auto-scrolling when the lead device does.

Hi Arlo, just trying to figure how to set up the second iPad to start Autoscroll when the AirTURN bt200 Bluetooth pedal is pressed and the lead iPad responds to an Up Arrow message from pedal... It only allows one BT connection I believe. Or do I set up an Action on the lead iPad that the following iPad can understand?



On the following iPad, you can turn on Settings > Live Sharing > Follow Remote Control Messages, and set Settings > Remote Control > Actions > Start/Stop Auto-Scroll to Up Arrow (or whatever it's set to on the lead device).



It seems like this isn't an issue when using newer devices, but FYI, the new app versions released today compress the screen image more so it requires about 1/3 as much data to be transferred. The visual reduction in quality is barely detectable.


This is an update from the OP, who has now determined issues with initially establishing a shared iPad connection wasn't really resolved by getting newer iPads as stated in an earlier post.  However, we found that connecting the iPads to the same WiFi router (rather than relying on pure ad hoc networking between the iPads) results in fast robust sharing connections every time.  The WiFi router does not need to be connected to the internet for this benefit.