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Chord diagrams

Started by ChrisMikolaj, July 21, 2023, 06:20:23 PM

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I just wondered if there currently is a smoother way in doing, what I'm doing:

Usually I add the chords of the song into the lyrics with the [] brackets, so they're transposable. In the "chords" field I usually only add the information of "Capo 3" for example, so that pops up on the top of the song page during gigs.

However, there are some chords, that I'm not overly sure, how I played them. So I add them as notes in the typical guitar chord pattern like "E - 022100". Good thing is that the note field is usually hidden and with a click on the pin I can bring that up. However the field is really narrow and it would be maybe better to expand the field to a larger size in width, if that makes sense.

I don't want to add the chord diagrams to the chords section, because I don't need them ALWAYS, but just as a lookup. The chords section I usually use for songs, that consist of like 4 chords, that never change. Then the chords are not within the lyrics. That's why I don't want to hide the chords field completely. The capo information however is always needed and should be on the top of the page layout.

Is there a smarter way of doing that? Maybe it is also like a new field, that might be added? Let me know if it's not yet clear. I'll try to add screenshots in a moment as well.

Thanks a lot.



As shown there is the ,,Capo 1" behind the notes and the list of notes is so long I need to scroll to check all chords. It's a bit messy imo.


I would put the capo info into a custom field and add that to your layout above the lyrics and chords fields, because that probably only applies to you and nobody else needs to see it, and because it's not really related to chords.

Putting the chord diagrams into the Chords field makes more sense to me, and you can hide/show that field with a screen gesture or a remote control device or by clicking the divider between the lyrics and chords -- but if you sometimes use it for chord progressions (what it's designed for) you would probably want to keep it always showing.

One alternative would be creating a document with your chord diagrams and attaching that to your song after the lyrics, then you can tap the right third of the document viewer to switch between the document and lyrics. Or you could add a custom field for your chord diagrams, but you can't hide and show a custom field like the Notes or Chords fields. You could display it behind your document viewer, then hide and show the document viewer, but that's probably not worth it for occasional viewing of a small amount of info.

BTW, the Notes popup will expand in width if you put longer lines of text into that field.


During typing my question I also thought about the custom Capo field. That's definitely a good idea and I'm not sure why I didn't do that in the first place. That's already accepted and I will change the songs for that.

The chord diagrams into a separate document might be an idea, but it's a bit more handy to just have a glimpse at them on something like the notes-pin.

And yes, the chords section should basically be always shown, as sometimes it really holds the chord progression.

I'll try out the custom field anyway, maybe that could help in some way. Thanks for the hint!

If that's not working, I'll try to figure out a new ,,layout" of the diagrams in the notes, so they are wider and show more information without the need to scroll too much.

Thanks a lot for your detailed answer, definitely gave me some thoughts and ideas! :)