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Search function and else

Started by zgildasz, August 03, 2023, 10:36:14 AM

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Hi Arlo,

What do you think about a search option accessible by another way which could be a configurable button we could add like automation button etc ? Just to be more quickly accessible than the little icon up in the bar app screen.

Is it possible to get an option for pause and set to get directly the next song appears after the end of pause/set (defined by their own timing). Because I use it to organize sets but need immediate accessibility to the next song without touching something.

Globally theses two propositions are oriented to quick access on live situation.



I'll add a sizable and positionable search button to the wish list.

For your second request, are you asking for the Select Next Song On Song Completion function to keep going across breaks and pauses? This wouldn't be needed or wanted if you are actually taking a break between sets, and is one of the purposes of adding pauses.


1) perfect, thanks  :)

2) yes that's what I'm asking, but I understand it doesn't make sense with pause or set. So why not another type of section just to organize songs but oriented without interruption ?


Can you say more about what you're doing? What more do you need to organize in a set list whose order is predetermined enough that you can play through it automatically?


Because I don't control the start of each synchronized song, I need to be as fast as possible ready for the next start of the next song.

All is ok with the work I have done with songs, I mean short end automation at the end of song to be sure the following song is ready to go as soon as possible.

But I haven't found the way to get the same kind of result with pause or set, like for example defined them on 0 time long to be sure it will not stay on my screen when appears. I just need them to organize my titles but don't need to see them on screen (or a very short time is not a problem) but without the need to manually select the first song who follow the last pause or set.


Can you give an example of how you want to use pauses to organize your songs?

Are you aware of the Linked Songs function to group songs in a set list?


I'm joining a screenshot of an example of setlist, with all songs inside, separated by paused.

Each pause is used as a part of the show, but I could use set too. So every songs or couple of 2 interrupted songs are chained by the function "automatically go the next song at the end of it" (got the french version so that's not exactly this sentence), and that's ok. But when arrives the pause, the screen stay on pause and I need to touch the next song to prepare it for continue the show. The Set react the same. That's why I'm not using Set or Pause like it is initially thinked, that's more for me to organize the songs but without the need of an interruption between each set or pause.


Can you link the songs in "Serie 1" and "Serie 2" rather than putting pauses between them?

Are the names of these groups important, or is it just important to have a visual separation?


Yes I can but that's not visually the best because what I need is more like the sections visual rendering of pause or set.

And yes the names are important because it correspond of the organization we have, set 1 set 2 etc, but played without interruption in our case.

If you're interested by this option, I'm not sure that creating another type of section is a good idea, Set and Pause are probably enough, but just get the possibility/option to pass directly the Set screen or Pause screen to the next song, and why not associated with the end of the timing defined for each, will be in my opinion a good way to go.


Making a pause that doesn't pause seems like an inherently bad idea, but I'll put it on my wish list. Meanwhile, you can manually select the first song after each pause to resume the song auto-selections.


QuoteMeanwhile, you can manually select the first song after each pause to resume the song auto-selections.

Yes, that's what I'm doing.

Why not extend the idea behind the pause which could be not just a pause but another type of check point in a set ? Something more flexible.

We could also imagine that a pause stay a pause, with the timing displayed or not on screen like it is already possible, but with the option when pause time is over not to see the timing in red and negative but simply the selection of the next song to be ready for next part of the show, without intervention which could be redundant. In that way it stays a pause, but it could be indirect with a very short pause time as a simple "check point" in a set. It could be then more useful for the organisation and clear seeing of the songs list but without any interruption during the show and the need to select manually first song of each after pause.