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auto scrolling speed

Started by themetallikid, August 15, 2023, 02:45:26 PM

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I have a few songs where sometimes I play faster or slower depending on my mood or crowd feel.  Or sometimes my tempo just sucks, lol......however sometimes when i try to back an auto-scroll up a bit cause i'm going slower than the scroll will adjust to where I stop adjusting, but then resume scrolling at an insane speed. 

Is this related to a setting?  I feel like (from memory) its not on every song, but last night for sure it happened and I just could not fix it.  Once it starts scrolling super fast, its a train running away. 


Please turn off Settings > General Settings > Auto-Scroll > Recalculate Speed If Overridden if it's on, and submit a help ticket if that doesn't fix it.


I will try that and report back. 

Appreciate your help, though I rarely need it here, your response time and willingness to help/support is amazing.